Even Teens Appreciate Monogrammed Gifts

When most people think of monogrammed gifts, they think of handkerchiefs, cufflinks, and other items that would only appeal to older people. The fact is that there are many other things that you can get monogrammed, which could make great gifts for teenagers.
From cute and quirky tote monogrammed bags for teenage girls, to sweatshirts for sporty teenage boys, phone cases and even engraved ‘college fund’ jars (which, let’s face it, would be used for beer money), there are plenty of things that you can get made for the teens in your life which will make them smile.
For teens you know well, there are many other options too. From super-hero themed gifts for him such as personalized mugs and wallets, to monogrammed rosaries and bracelets as a Personalized Teacher Gifts. Jewelry is a particularly good option because it is something that will last a lifetime, and that can be presented in a lovely presentation case or velvet bag, turning it into an extra-special gift. Sometimes, the presentation of a gift is more important than the gift itself, because it makes opening it more exciting.

Monogrammed Bag for Teens

Monogrammed Bag

Finding The Perfect Present

Buying for older kids and teenagers can be tricky because their tastes change so fast. Some teens are quite adult in their interests and tastes, and will enjoy getting jewelry that is designed just for them. Others are still quite childish in their interests, and would love a sports bottle, superhero t-shirt or something related to their favorite band. If you don’t know a teen well, it’s easy to be far, far off the mark with your gift ideas.
If you’re really not sure what to give, then a gift voucher is a perfectly good option, but you can throw in something simple – a keepsake or a School Spirit item that relates to the school they are at now, or where they are heading to study. That sort of this will be appreciated by almost any young person.
Look at their hobbies. Do they wrestle or do cheer? Are they academic or into gadgets? For girls, is there a makeup brand that they particularly love (imagine getting them a custom-made set of makeup colors from their favorite brand). If you’re going to the trouble to personalize gifts, then this is the sort of thing that you should pay attention to. After all, a personal gift that you really have put thought into is something that will be remembered for years.